Restoring the country

Sierra Leone was declared free from Ebola in November 2015, and again in March by the WHO. However, a great deal of work lies ahead in restoring the country in the wake of the epidemic. Working through our local partner, Believers’ Broadcasting Network (BBN), Feba will be using radio to improve health systems’ communications and enable the Church to respond to local needs.

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SUNDAY 28th August

This emerging project aims to allow people from communities affected by Ebola to share their experiences and devise solutions for local problems. Please pray that radio will help to amplify their voices and promote understanding of important issues.

MONDAY 29th August

Our partner, BBN, is producing a series of new dramas and documentaries based on feedback from visits to communities around Freetown. Please pray for a good response to these new radio programmes.

TUESDAY 30th August

More than 11,000 people in the west of Africa have died as a result of Ebola. Let’s pray that God will comfort the countless families grieving the loss of loved ones.

WEDNESDAY 31st August

People in Sierra Leone had become cautious about physical touch and gatherings, which was wise during the Ebola epidemic. Today pray for the country to rediscover its friendly and demonstrative culture.

THURSDAY 1st September

Radio has played a hugely supportive role in helping communities recover from Ebola, and Feba continues its aim to use a holistic approach, combining radio broadcasts with community action. Pray that this holistic approach will help strengthen local communities.

FRIDAY 2nd September

Give thanks for a valuable visit to Sierra Leone in June by Paul Vernon (one of Feba’s partnership relationship managers), Jon Hargreaves from HCR, and Elvis – who travelled from Zambia to train the team in using a particular methodology called SALT that engages with communities and encourages communities to look for their own strengths and solutions to overcome challenges they face.

SATURDAY 3rd September

There is widespread poverty in Sierra Leone, exacerbated by the Ebola epidemic. Please pray for the country’s economic situation and for individual families to recover financially.