Rebuilding in Nepal

HDCS operates two radio stations in Nepal both called AfnoFM: one in Okhaldhunga (in the east of the country) and one in Dadeldhura (in the far west). Okhaldhunga was badly affected by last year’s earthquake. The AfnoFM team in the area are helping local people to recover, even as they rebuild their own studio.

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SUNDAY 21st August

Disputes between the Nepalese and Indian governments have affected the import of goods and fuel. The shortage of fuel has affected AfnoFM’s ability to broadcast. The latest news is that the disputes are being resolved and that fuel is becoming more available. Please pray for the continued easing of problems that affect the wellbeing and day-to-day running of the station.

MONDAY 22nd August

Pray in particular for the AfnoFM team in Okhaldhunga, who have begun building a new studio after their existing building was condemned. Rain has been delaying construction. Please pray for favourable weather conditions to enable the building to be completed quickly.

TUESDAY 23rd August

Give thanks for the way in which AfnoFM’s response to the earthquake has enhanced the station’s reputation. Local people have seen that the team care for their most basic needs. They really appreciate the help the station is offering them.

WEDNESDAY 24th August

AfnoFM is persevering in broadcasting, despite the lack of a permanent studio. Pray for their shows to engage new listeners and improve the physical and spiritual health of local communities.

THURSDAY 25th August

The government is bringing in measures which seem to discriminate against Christians. Let’s pray for improved understanding between the government and the Church, and greater freedom for Christians to practise their faith.

FRIDAY 26th August

Please pray for the community of Okhaldhunga, still early on in the long reconstruction process after last year’s earthquake. Pray that everyone who deserves compensation to help rebuild their home will receive it.

SATURDAY 27th August

Reporters Without Borders claims that media freedom and the safety of journalists in Nepal are jeopardised by threats of violence against them. Pray for all journalists in the country – including our partners – to be protected.