Today 65.3 million people worldwide are displaced: either refugees, asylum seekers or victims of trafficking. This week, we pray for a few of the global situations which have forced people to leave their homes, and for some of our partners reaching out to displaced people.

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SUNDAY 14th August

Burundi: The political unrest and resultant violence in Burundi has prompted more than 200,000 people to seek safety in neighbouring countries. Please pray for reconciliation between the political rivals and for safety for our partner, as they spread a message of peace in Jesus’ name.

MONDAY 15th August

Yemen: Pray for an end to hostilities within Yemen. And give thanks for the good things God has brought from this awful situation: refugees are meeting members of the Yemen Project team outside the country, and responding to the good news.

TUESDAY 16th August

Tibet: Thousands of Tibetans have settled in India as a result of political tensions at home. Give thanks for Gaweylon’s work in sharing the Christian message with Tibetan listeners, and for the listeners who distribute Gaweylon’s educational resources in their communities.

WEDNESDAY 17th August

Iraq: ISIS is still a very real threat and people are fleeing Iraq to escape them. Please pray that ISIS will be subdued and safety restored to Iraq. Pray too for IraqFM, faithfully serving an urban area of the country, despite ISIS’ presence elsewhere in the country.

THURSDAY 18th August

India: Feba India supports young women in West Bengal who are either at risk of trafficking or who have already been tricked into the sex industry. Thank God for this crucial project, and pray that many women will find hope and a future through it.

FRIDAY 19th August

North-east Africa: Civil war, overbearing governments and famine are just a few reasons why people are leaving this region. Pray for *Dawit and our partners in the Horn of Africa, living and operating in this context.

SATURDAY 20th August

Syria: The situation in Syria remains harrowing, with 11 million people displaced and traumatised by the war. Please pray for a true miracle in resolving the conflict and restoring the country, and for divine protection over everyone seeking a new life in another country