Feba UK has two partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo; both fairly new projects. Mungongo ya Muana engages with street-living children in the capital, Kinshasa, and Umoja FM has been operating in Kamango, in the east of the country, since January.

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SUNDAY 7th August

Give thanks for the successful launch of Umoja FM and a productive period of test broadcasting. Pray that the station will continue to grow and mature into a highly effective community radio station.

MONDAY 8th August

Feba UK’s Paul Vernon visited Kamango in June to give training and technical support to the Umoja FM team. Thank God for this visit, which has equipped the team for the next phase in the station’s development.

TUESDAY 9th August

Thank God that the DRC visas were issued just in time for the recent trip. This is currently a massive issue for our staff, consultants and partners as the current process is extremely slow. Please pray that Feba continue to get the visas they need for the work in DRC.

WEDNESDAY 10th August

Pray for Mungongo ya Muana, a radio station in Kinshasa, aiming to empower street-living children and challenge the prejudice against them. Pray that growing numbers of people will hear the station’s broadcasts and be challenged and inspired.

THURSDAY 11th August

Mungongo ya Muana has been speaking out for street-living girls who are vulnerable and experience high levels of sexual violence. Please pray that prompted by this, the local government will take action to protect girls in this position.


FRIDAY 12th August

A high proportion of the children living on the streets of Kinshasa either fled their homes or were thrown out after being falsely accused of witchcraft. Pray for an end to these false and damaging accusations and the child abuse often associated with it.

SATURDAY 13th August

Please pray for the protection of the street-living children training as journalists with Mungongo ya Muana. Pray also for a dramatic change in attitudes in the DRC towards children living on the street.