Broadcasting peace across the Middle East

Feba UK is a partner in the Yemen Project and *Iraq FM in the Middle East. These projects use media to bring news, information, encouragement and teaching to their listeners, and work for peace and understanding in communities in these countries.

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SUNDAY 26th August

Please pray for our partners in the  Yemen Project who are producing programmes for listeners in the Yemen. They live far apart from each other, some in different countries, and so team meetings are via Skype. Please pray for strong relationships to grow and good understanding despite the distance.

MONDAY 27th August

Many children in Yemen are growing up without enough food or medicines to stay well; and those who are well have no schools to go to. Please pray for them, for the fighting to end and for provisions to meet these children's needs.

TUESDAY 28th August

Please pray for the woman who is producing radio programmes for children in Yemen. Pray for her strength as she identifies with the suffering the children experience and pray for her safety too.

WEDNESDAY 29th August

A new Iraqi government came to power earlier in 2018 and there has been a lot of instability in the country in recent months. A change of government is never straightforward, and Iraq offers particular challenges to politicians keen to see reform. Pray that good intentions become action that brings peace, prosperity and justice to the country. 

THURSDAY 30th August

Please pray that the church in Iraq would be allowed to grow, and that believers would feel safe enough to stay and help with the rebuilding process.

FRIDAY 31st August

Please pray for the *Iraq FM team as they work through the incredibly high temperatures of summer - it reaches over 50ºC. The station has air conditioning but this fails when the regular power outages happen. Please pray too, for the station manager as he revises the programme schedule to keep content engaging for listeners.