Projects across Asia 

Feba UK partners in a variety of projects in different locations in Asia. This week we are praying for Gaweylon, ministering to the Tibetan diaspora communities in neighbouring countries; the CoRIN project (community radio in Nepal) and our partnership in two of their FM stations; and Feba India, producing programmes for women, youth and rural communities in North India.

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SUNDAY 19th August

Please pray for listeners' events in North India bringing together local programme producers, audience feedback workers and local community members. Each of the production teams in North India holds about 6-12 listener events a year which are a vital part of learning about community concerns and promoting the radio programmes. 

MONDAY 20th August

Please pray for listeners in North India who are struggling financially. Pray that they will find good advice in the Feba India radio programmes to help them start small businesses and that these businesses would be ethically run and successful.

TUESDAY 21st August

A group of women, who meet regularly with our programme production team in North West Bengal, have lived for years as sex workers but want to move out of the trade for the sake of their children. Please pray for them as they find it difficult to adapt to working and earning through other jobs.

WEDNESDAY 22nd August

Give thanks for a new programme produced by Afno FM - our partner in the CoRINproject in Nepal - which was introduced to their broadcast schedule earlier this year and addresses the issue of migration. After the earthquake in the region, many people decided to leave the area to look for work, and some women and children have been trafficked as a result. Pray that as people listen to this programme they would be able to make good decisions for the future and be helped by it.

THURSDAY 23rd August

After local elections in western Nepal where one of the Afno FM stations is located, the local authorities helped design a radio programme to inform and engage listeners in local concerns. Give thanks for the programmes that discuss employment and other opportunities, and pray that young people would especially be helped through them.

FRIDAY 24th August

Please pray for Tibetan Christians to join the production team with our partner, Gaweylon, to help develop new, engaging content about Jesus.

SATURDAY 25th August

Please pray for the current staff at Gaweylon as they seek wisdom for their ongoing tasks in production, translation, CD distribution and follow-up, whilst developing new work to engage more deeply with Tibetan listeners.