Crossing boundaries with radio

North East Africa is a challenging region of diverse beliefs and culture, and forms part of what some people call the 'buffer zone of Africa' - the region between the Muslim north and the largely Christian sub-Sahara. Feba UK partners in a variety of media projects, including radio programmes produced in different languages to help address physical, social and spiritual needs.

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SUNDAY 12th August

Give thanks for our partners in North East Africa, using radio to bring news, information and a Christian perspective on social and practical issues in an environment where there are restrictions on local media. 

MONDAY 13th August

Please pray for the new shortwave broadcasting service - A Friend in the Wilderness- into a closed country in the area. Please pray that listeners would be encouraged, and believers would be strengthened through the programme content. Find out more about  A Friend in the Wilderness.

TUESDAY 14th August

Listeners to some radio programmes into North East Africa have the opportunity to complete a follow-up correspondence course. Please pray that they would learn more about the Bible and following Jesus through what the hear and read.  Watch the video about how listeners' lives are being changed in North East Africa.

WEDNESDAY 15th August

Please pray for those who are listening to the radio programmes with others - family, friends and neighbours. Pray that as they discuss together what they have heard, they would be helped in their understanding.

THURSDAY 16th August

The production team of one of our regional broadcasts has been greatly encouraged by some recent stories of reconciliation within families. Thank God for the part they have played in inspiring change, and for a listener who reconciled with his wife, overcome his dependencies and now seeks to minister to others in an unreached area.

FRIDAY 17th August

Give thanks for the Rising Voices project that is working to engage with issues that effect young urban people. Please pray for wisdom for the producers in the radio content they produce, as they work in a culture and society that can be quite restrictive and brings many challenges. Read about youth issues and Rising Voices in North East Africa.

SATURDAY 18th August

Please pray for an initiative, working with local churches, to promote and distribute programmes for sharing on mobile phones among communities of a people group with mixed beliefs. Pray too, for events which are planned to engage with these communities using dramas prepared for the radio.