Radio bringing change

Radio Wimbe is helping bring lasting, positive change in the communities in Pemba, Mozambique. The radio station is supplementing its Bible teaching radio programmes with face to face Bible study groups using Discovery Bible Study (DBS) materials.

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See more about Radio Wimbe's ministry: Mozambique: Opening up the Bible

SUNDAY 5th August

As people meet to discuss and study the Bible, pray that they would be inspired to follow Jesus Christ. Find out more about  Radio Wimbe and its Discovery Bible Study groups.

MONDAY 6th August

Please pray for more people to be drawn to the DBS groups as family and neighbours are attracted to them, and those listening to the Bible teaching programmes on the radio would be interested in knowing more.

TUESDAY 7th August

Give thanks for Farida, the Station Manager of Radio Wimbe. Please pray for wisdom and strength as she leads this project, for her walk with God and for her family. Find out more about Wimbe's station manager in: Getting to know: Farida

WEDNESDAY 8th August

The Radio Wimbe team produces programmes in the different local languages which is greatly appreciated by the listeners. Give thanks for the producers and how they show their love to the local people by valuing the different languages spoken. Read more about Radio Wimbe in Language, love and listening in Mozambique.

THURSDAY 9th August

Through the daily programmes people are finding information and help with local issues. Please pray for the radio programmes that they would be effective in raising and addressing community needs, and bring hope and encouragement to listeners.

FRIDAY 10th August

Please pray for the programme presenters as they tackle serious issues on air. Pray for wisdom, sensitivity and compassion, especially as they go out into communities to make programmes.

SATURDAY 11th August

Give thanks for the listeners to Radio Wimbe as they share and work together for positive change in their communities.