The Feba family

Feba UK is blessed to be in partnership with many different organisations and individuals for both ministry and support, including our sister organisation FEBC and our friends at Intersearch. This week we are praying for these relationships.

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Read more: Welcome to the FEBC Family

WEDNESDAY 1st August

Give thanks for the opportunity Feba had to exhibit at the Keswick Convention and the conversations that took place there. Please pray for the development of these new relationships and for people to be engaged and inspired by the ministry of Feba.

THURSDAY 2nd August

Give thanks for the individuals and organisations that Feba UK partners with. Pray for our relationship with them, for clear communication, and productive and harmonious working together.

FRIDAY 3rd August

The FEBC International Association includes all the individual FEBC and Feba offices - both ministry and support offices. Please pray for their local leadership - directors and boards - and their shared working as an Association. Read more about Feba UK and the FEB Association.

SATURDAY 4th August

We thank God for the members of Intersearch and how they work together to gain a greater insight into the use of media and radio audiences in different parts of the world. Read more about Feba UK and its involvement in Intersearch.