Programmes for challenging situations

Our partners in North East Africa produce programmes addressing physical, social and spiritual issues for audiences in remote communities, living in restrictive environments, as well as those facing challenging life situations.

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SUNDAY 22nd April

Please pray for our partners in North East Africa as they promote peace between peoples. This region forms part of what some people call the ‘buffer-zone of Africa’ – the region between the Muslim majority north and the largely Christian sub-Sahara.

MONDAY 23rd April

As the population of most countries in the region grows, the proportion of young people increases. Please pray for projects like Rising Voices which seek to connect with young people growing up in these changing societies.

TUESDAY 24th April

The *Sparrow project started airing a ‘Reality Church’ programme at the end of last year. This programme provides a demonstration of a small house church and seeks to be church for listeners who are not able to meet with others.

WEDNESDAY 25th April

Give thanks for the ‘Training of Trainers’ workshops that *Dawit organised for a wider group of participants including some radio people. Please pray that the various Christian ministries in the region, who were represented, will benefit from the training.

THURSDAY 26th April

Please pray for *Dawit’s ongoing work and travel in the region. This month he is attending a conference that brings together many groups working with a particular people group and is organising some training for several of our partners.

FRIDAY 27th April

There have been ethnic conflicts and unrest in the region resulting in displaced people and some deaths. Please pray for peace and strength as people live in this uncertain environment.

SATURDAY 28th April

Please continue to pray for the new, shortwave service for those living in a closed country in the region. Please pray for the team as they iron-out issues. Pray that the programmes would be a blessing to listeners, particularly believers living in a challenging and restrictive place.

SUNDAY 29th April

The weather can be challenging in the region with dry seasons and late rains leading to drought conditions, and then rainy seasons causing flooding. Please pray that the region would benefit from a good amount of rain at the right time.

MONDAY 30th April

Please pray for programme producers as they provide valuable advice in response to changing weather situations. Pray for listeners as they cope with conditions which can affect their health, cattle and livelihoods