Pakistan is a Muslim-majority nation with, nevertheless, a significant Christian population. Pakistan is strategically important to Feba. At the same time, it can be a difficult environment for Christians, and our partner there is also making significant operational changes.

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SUNDAY 17th April

Easter Sunday saw a bomb attack in Lahore in eastern Pakistan that killed more than 70 people. With at least eight other known terrorist attacks in the country this year, pray for an end to the violence and for God’s love to reach all people in Pakistan.

MONDAY 18th April

Feba Pakistan is navigating a move from shortwave to FM transmissions. This should enable the team to reach a wider audience, but it is not a simple switch. Please pray that God will help the team to overcome any difficulties involved.

TUESDAY 19th April

Feba Pakistan has also started broadcasting on internet radio. Ask for God’s blessing on this initiative and pray it will fulfil its potential to engage thousands more listeners.

WEDNESDAY 20th April

Please pray for the FM Expansion Project, equipping Christians to address the needs of their communities through broadcasts on their local radio stations. Give thanks for the churches who have already become part of this scheme.

THURSDAY 21st April

Pray for the Christians who are receiving training with a view to working alongside their community radio stations. Pray also for other Christians to catch the vision of the FM Expansion Project and come forward to request training.

FRIDAY 22nd April

Please pray for more churches across Pakistan to join the FM Expansion Project; to receive training and for programmes to be released to impact on their communities.

SATURDAY 23rd April

Pakistan remains a difficult place for Christians to live and practice their faith, with some believers experiencing discrimination and misrepresentation. Pray for courage and perseverance for all believers in this position.