Amplifying Voices

Our partners, Believers’ Broadcasting Network (BBN), use a process called SALT which involves visiting communities to hear people’s stories and concerns, and draw out their strengths, empowering them to work for change. These are used in radio programmes to engage others in the conversation.

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SUNDAY 16th April

Easter Sunday is when everything changed and lasting transformation was made possible. Thank God today for the Amplifying Voices project and the progress it is making in engaging with communities across Freetown, amplifying their voices and seeking change.

MONDAY 17th April

The project started with three neighbourhoods receiving regular visits from the community engagement teams at the radio stations. Now they are working with six communities. Thank God for this expansion and the opportunity to hear from these new communities.

TUESDAY 18th April

Please pray for the newest neighbourhood, called Grey Bush, as they discuss strengths, hopes and challenges they face in their community.

WEDNESDAY 19th April

Please pray for BBN as they discern how best to use the stories and experiences gathered from the communities, on-air. The team are producing a radio drama, so please pray for this as it is developed.

THURSDAY 20th April

Communities are facing many social, health and emotional impacts of the Ebola crisis, which came not long after a long and brutal civil war. Please pray that they would find the courage to address these and that God would build up a new model of community based on trust, forgiveness, love and care.

FRIDAY 21st April

Thank God that people are phoning the radio station, asking more about the Amplifying Voices project and how their community can get involved.

SATURDAY 22nd April

During a visit to Freetown last year, groups of young people spoke about their difficulties in finding employment. Because of the Ebola crisis people were unable to work and this has caused many employment opportunities to be lost. Please pray for young people to find jobs and have hope for their futures.