Stimulating hope and healing

When Typhoon Haiyan (also known as Yolanda) hit areas of the Philippines in 2013 all radio stations were taken out of service in the immediate aftermath. First to get back on air with emergency broadcasts, First Response Radio, were able to support the affected population with informative programming, having a positive impact on the wellbeing of survivors.

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SUNDAY 15th April

"Hope was broadcast every day, 24 hours a day" Give thanks for the role of emergency radio broadcasts and the hope and healing they can provide to listeners in the aftermath of a disaster. 

MONDAY 16th April

The study 'Disaster Response for Recovery' found that survivors felt their recovery was aided by the relevant information, music and presence of a friend they found on the radio.  Please pray that radio can be a friend to listeners, enabling them to get a rest from the fight for survival and reminding them of normality when dealing with disaster.

TUESDAY 17th April

"I think that the music also made me feel normal for a while - to rest my brain"Give thanks for the way music can contribute to the recovery of survivors and pray that it continues to be used as an important part of disaster radio programming.

WEDNESDAY 18th April

Local Health professionals experienced internal conflict from being both Responder and Survivor at the same time.  Please pray for the wellbeing of Local Health workers and pray that disaster radio can also support local health professionals during disasters. 

THURSDAY 19th April

Providing timely and relevant information is absolutely core to survivors' recovery, sense of security and well-being.  Please pray that radio producers are able to coordinate the information they have and make it into engaging, entertaining and encouraging broadcasts.

FRIDAY 20th April

First Response Radio employs a model of "Equip. Train. Respond", aiming to get on air within 72 hours of a disaster.  Please pray for the success of the team training FRR run with local host partners to make sure that, in the case of disaster, there are already skilled emergency response teams locally. 

SATURDAY 21st April

Tips for psycho-social healing include providing words of encouragement from authoritative or inspiring figures such as pep talks from artists, celebrities, politicians or religious leaders.  Please pray for those providing words of hope and faith to listeners, that their broadcasts can positively influence the hearts and minds of listeners facing hardship and turmoil in the face of disaster.