Over the past two years, Radio Wimbe has built up a large, enthusiastic listenership. The station’s broadcasts are enabling tangible change to environmental and health issues, underpinned by a Christian ethos, and the listeners themselves are helping to effect changes within their communities.

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SUNDAY 10th April

Bob Chambers (chief executive) and Paul Vernon (partnership team engineering specialist) are travelling today to Mozambique to meet up with the team at Radio Wimbe. They will be visting for a week to help with the development of the project. Please pray for safe travel and a good first day with the Radio Wimbe team.

MONDAY 11th April

It’s fantastic that Radio Wimbe enthusiasts are forming listener groups, without any instigation from the team themselves. Pray that these groups can become an instrument for godly transformation in their communities.

TUESDAY 12th April

The Radio Wimbe board is working with Narciso (outgoing team leader) and Farida (new project leader) to ensure the project operates within guidelines for good governance. Please pray for the board and staff team; for clear communication between them and for creativity to continue to deliver high quality radio programmes.

WEDNESDAY 13th April

Please pray for the imminent AGM, at which the board plans to share Radio Wimbe’s vision with the community and to recruit new board members. Pray for the preparations for the AGM and for the right people to come forward to be on the board.

THURSDAY 14th April

Pray for the safety of the team at Radio Wimbe, as one of the presenters was recently attacked and beaten when leaving the studio late at night. Please pray that the motorbike the team has purchased will assist in their transport arrangements, and for the health and wellbeing of the team.

FRIDAY 15th April

Pray for Farida, Radio Wimbe’s new team leader. Praise God for her recent appointment, and pray she will quickly pick up the information and skills she needs to carry out her role.

SATURDAY 16th April

Health is a big issue in Mozambique, where life expectancy can be as low as 40 years, and significant numbers of people are affected by HIV. Pray for the agencies committed to improving the health of Mozambican citizens.