Promoting Peace

In a tense political environment, Iraq FM continues to promote peace and support the community in the urban area where it operates. They give opportunity for listeners to share their hopes and fears, and stand with them in the challenging situations the community faces.

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SUNDAY 9th April

Give thanks for the staff at Iraq FM who are very good at finding unique topics to include in the programmes, including singers and other celebrated cultural figures.

MONDAY 10th April

Iraq FM produced some programmes about the situation in Mosul to give listeners the opportunity to talk and pray about it. Give thanks for the positive image of society and hope that Iraq FM imparts when it talks about loving their country.

TUESDAY 11th April

A young woman phoned the station to ask for advice about her relationship with a man who talked about them getting engaged. After a month he broke off the relationship. Pray for her that she would overcome this hurt and be able to trust God for the future.

WEDNESDAY 12th April

Many female listeners have similar stories of men using them in relationships that they have no intention of committing to. Please pray for women who have been hurt in these situations.

THURSDAY 13th April

A presenter helped a woman with a health problem by giving her information and advice, and also praying with her. Give thanks that she is healthy now and says that having a friend who talked and prayed with her has made a difference in her soul.

FRIDAY 14th April

This Good Friday, as Christians in the community will be remembering the death of Jesus, give thanks for the way that Iraq FM reaches across religious and social barriers to engage the whole community. Give thanks that the listening community see Iraq FM as ‘part of the family’.

SATURDAY 15th April

Pray for women listening to Iraq FM and for the follow-up calls to them. Pray for good phone conversations and that callers will be encouraged.

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