Audio training resource launched

As part of the Voice of a Child project in Kinshasa, Feba UK has led the way in developing an audio resource to train church leaders and congregations in the issues and attitudes surrounding street-living children and child witchcraft accusations. This has now been launched, as well as a 12 part series of programmes for broadcast on a local FM station.

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SUNDAY 8th April

Please pray that the audio training resource will be used widely in churches to encourage open and honest discussion about the issue of child witchcraft accusations and how the church can lead the way in challenging this issue.

MONDAY 9th April

Give thanks for the children who have contributed their stories and testimonies to the development of radio dramas, helping listeners to engage with the reality of their situations. Please pray for listeners who are facing this issue for the first time.

TUESDAY 10th April

The 12 part series of one hour radio programmes will be broadcast on an FM station, and provides an opportunity for listeners to call-in to comment or ask questions. Please pray that the programmes will connect with listeners and that there will be a good response to what they hear.

WEDNESDAY 11th April

The DRC has been experiencing increasing levels of violence in response to the delay of presidential election. Please pray for peace and stability for the country, and especially pray for the street-living children who are vulnerable and can get caught up in protests.

THURSDAY 12th April

Today is the International Day for Street Children. Please pray for the work of many organisations in raising awareness of and working for children’s rights to be written into and observed in each nation’s law. Please especially pray that children’s rights will be upheld in the DRC.

FRIDAY 13th April

Give thanks that the Voice of a Child programmes, which are broadcast weekly via marketplace radio, are helping change attitudes towards the street-living children. Pray that there would be an increasing level of acceptance and compassion towards them.

SATURDAY 14th April

Give thanks for the street-living children who have been trained as radio journalists, finding a platform to talk about their issues and provide information to other street-living children. Pray for those who are currently being trained.