Changing lives

The two Feba projects in the DRC look very different but both work to bring transformation to individuals and communities. Mungongo ya Muana engages with street-living children in Kinshasa, whilst in the east of the country Umoja FM is helping to address issues in the local community.

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SUNDAY 2nd April

Give thanks for Umoja FM as the team are engaging well with the community, bringing people together and influencing positive change. Pray for them as they use radio to inform and educate the community as they deal with local issues.

MONDAY 3rd April

Pray for the safety of Umoja FM and the community as there have been attacks by rebels in the region recently.

TUESDAY 4th April

Umoja FM has faced challenges with unreliable power supply. Please pray for the work to equip them with a reliable infrastructure and possibly a solar installation.


Please pray for the street-living children in Kinshasa that they keep safe, well and protected from further hardships. Pray that they would know their God-given value and his love for them.

THURSDAY 6th April

Thank God for the Mungongo ya Muana project and the work of our partner organisation, the Children’s Radio Foundation as they train young journalists, giving them opportunities to share their stories and seek improvements in their lives.

FRIDAY 7th April

Many children are living on the streets as a result of witchcraft accusations. Feba is a member of the Stop Child Witchcraft Accusations coalition which is working in partnership with Bethany Children’s Trust. Pray that this partnership will bear fruit.

SATURDAY 8th April

Please pray for the work with churches in Kinshasa to address the subject of witchcraft. Pray that pastors and congregations will be touched by the children’s stories and that their attitude towards them would change. Pray that they will work to protect children from witchcraft accusations.