Promoting peace

*Iraq FM is working to promote peace, restore fragmented relationships and build trust among an urban community. Their programmes address current issues and shared interests and concerns.

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SUNDAY 1st April

This Easter Sunday, please pray for Christians living in Iraq; many have left the country because of the violence targeting Christians and others for economic reasons. Pray for violence against Christians to cease and for physical protection of the team.

MONDAY 2nd April

Social issues such as unemployment, difference in living standards, inequality and diversity of cultural practices can cultivate resentment. Pray for the radio team as they give listeners opportunities to address these issues with each other in the live talk shows.

TUESDAY 3rd April

Some cultural practices lead to escalations of violence for example, firing guns in the air at festivals or weddings killing someone leading to revenge killings. As the team raises these issues on the radio, pray that there will be change in both the actual practices and also in the desire for revenge.


This year, the radio station will experiment with using more freelance workers. This can be a very flexible and efficient way of using limited resources but difficult for listeners if there are too many changes. Please pray as the station manager seeks to find the right balance between flexibility and consistency.

THURSDAY 5th April

The station is in conversation with about 70 people per week (with many of these calling the station several times per week). Each week there are around 5 - 10 new callers, indicating a steady growth of the audience. Give thanks for this opportunity to engage directly with communities surrounding the station.

FRIDAY 6th April

Some callers are listening via the website and the mobile application. They live in other towns or cities in Iraq, including some that were occupied by I.S. The team were able to provide counselling and support by phone. Please pray for wisdom, sensitivity and emotional protection for the team members who give advice or pray for listeners in very difficult circumstances.

SATURDAY 7th April

Please pray for peace between the various religious and ethnic groups who live together in Iraq. Please pray for the people in urban centres where these different groups live in close proximity with each other.