In various regions across Africa, Feba UK and other members of the FEBC International Association use radio and other audio media creatively, to inspire people to follow Jesus. The gospel message is taken to people groups in different nations, in both ‘open’ and ‘closed’ areas. The local teams work hard to ensure that content is relevant to each audience and nation, addressing the physical, social and spiritual issues that people are facing, with the practical reality and hope that the gospel gives.

SUNDAY 22nd September

Mozambique. Please continue to pray for the Radio Wimbe team as they combine Bible teaching radio programmes with face-to-face Bible study groups to help bring lasting, positive change in the communities in Pemba.

MONDAY 23rd September

Mozambique. The team from FEBC South Africa are helping the people of the Macomia district rebuild, following the devastation caused by cyclone Kenneth earlier this year. Please pray for all those who have been impacted, including the local radio team; for the many who have lost homes, livelihoods and loved ones, that God protects and provides for them and that they know God’s presence and love.

TUESDAY 24th September

Malawi and Tanzania. Please give thanks for the many listener clubs that are forming in these countries, where Feba Malawi uses shortwave broadcasts, and that their programmes have opened the eyes of many Muslims. Please pray that they can expand their shortwave broadcasting and that many more Muslims hear the gospel and respond.

WEDNESDAY 25th September

Malawi. Listeners invited Feba Malawi to give basic teaching to new churches established among the Yao people in the districts of Mangochi, Balaka, Machinga, Ntcheu, and Zomba. Please pray for the Yao people, and that the teaching takes root and helps these churches strengthen and grow.

THURSDAY 26th September

Zimbabwe. Feba Zimbabwe recently launched a monthly outreach event using acoustic worship as a way of using radio and bringing the Word to people. Please join them in giving thanks that their second event in June was blessed with some heart-moving pieces from a local sign language school and a Methodist choir. Please pray that this initiative will help reach more people with the gospel.

FRIDAY 27th September

North East Africa. Praise God for the opportunity we have to bring the gospel messages to millions of people in this complex region. Most are isolated, living in remote rural areas - the only thing that can reach them is our partner’s radio programmes. Some people call our partner to tell them that their lives have been changed because of their programmes. Please pray that the gospel becomes deeply rooted in their hearts and lives.

SATURDAY 28th September

North East Africa. Praise God that many are responding positively to the messages they hear on the team’s radio broadcasts. The team receives letters like the following, ‘’When I was interred in prison, I found many were Christians and they were listening to your radio programmes. That was the first time I heard a spiritual radio programme. I was surprised and started to read the Bible. Gradually my heart started to love my Lord. After that I repented of my sin. Now I am saved.’’

SUNDAY 29th September

North East Africa. In the last two years the *Sparrow Project team has started over 160 listening groups. These listening groups have been meeting regularly and seem to be thriving. About 12 of these leaders meet regularly to receive training to help them move their groups towards being churches, training which they then pass on to other listening group leaders. These leaders are sharing about people in their groups and communities coming to faith and their lives being changed! Praise God for the faithfulness of the programme producers, the *Sparrow listening groups and their leaders. Praise God for these new believers and their families.

MONDAY 30th September

North East Africa. Please pray for the team’s ‘ambassadors’; people who are advertising programmes wherever they are. They do this just to promote the Kingdom of God. One person wrote in saying, “I am a medical doctor. I see many patients who come to our hospital. I ask each patient what their problem is. I patiently listen about their problem and I prescribe the medicine for each one. After that I tell them the main need is to get healing for their soul. If they seem interested to hear more, then I explain the way of salvation; some take immediate action. Then I tell them about your radio programme and about the time and meter band”.

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