Feba works with local partner HDCS in Nepal, in the CoRIN (Community Radio In Nepal) Project, with two radio stations both called Afno FM. The stations serve communities in Okhaldhunga (east Nepal) and Dadeldhura (west Nepal) broadcasting programmes to help transform the quality of their lives.

SUNDAY 10th March

Give thanks for Afno FM in Okhaldhunga which celebrated its 10th anniversary in January. Give thanks for the special programmes and activities that surrounded this celebration, which included distributing fruit to prisoners and hospital patients.

MONDAY 11th March

Christian radio broadcasting is a challenge these days as the government is very strict on it. Some Christian organisations are not able to renew their licences. Please pray for the government that they will understand and support these organisations.

TUESDAY 12th March

Please pray that God would provide for the financial needs of CoRIN. They are looking for more sponsors and advertisers to come forward to support their work. Pray that the project can become self-sustaining financially.

WEDNESDAY 13th March

Please pray for Afno FM in Dadeldhura as they are looking for new staff to join the team. Pray that God would bring along the right people to help and support this work.

THURSDAY 14th March

Please pray for the production staff at both radio stations, that they would be able to support their communities by providing good programmes. Pray that they would be able to identify areas of need and interest, as well as local issues, so that they can produce relevant content to address them well.

FRIDAY 15th March

Staff travel around the local community, meeting with people to find out what their concerns and needs are. There are hidden issues such as domestic violence, human trafficking and child abuse. Please pray for the programme producers as they shine a light on these things through the radio programmes and help bring support and lasting change.

SATURDAY 16th March

Please pray for the smooth technical running of both stations. After 10 years of operation, please pray that the equipment continues to operate well, and that any repairs or upgrades can be achieved in a cost-efficient way.