Working under the guidance of Media Co-ordinator *Dawit, our partners in North East Africa produce a variety of programmes in different heart languages. These programmes help address physical, social and spiritual issues for audiences in remote communities, restrictive environments or facing challenging life situations.

SUNDAY 2nd September

New political leaders in some parts of the region have brought hope for positive reforms which could, in time, lead to the lifting of restrictions on religious broadcasting. Please pray for these leaders, that their efforts will lead to peace, prosperity and freedom for all the people of the region.

MONDAY 3rd September

Give thanks that the Rising Voices programme production team will be able to broadcast more live content in the programmes following discussions regarding government broadcasting restrictions. Live content help convey their passion and energy better, and enables better interaction with listeners.

TUESDAY 4th September

*Dawit is very concerned for the young people of the region, including his own children, as even those with a good education struggle to find jobs and end up leaving the country to find work. Please pray for the governments of the region to make wise economic decisions that promote opportunities for young adults. Read about youth issues and Rising Voices in North East Africa.

WEDNESDAY 5th September

Please pray for radio programme producers and local churches as they seek to challenge the ideas of prosperity gospel preachers and churches in the region. These ideas so often exploit those who have the least, with promises of riches on earth rather than treasure in heaven.

THURSDAY 6th September

*Dawit regularly tries to review programme content with producers but with so many different language broadcasts, programmes often need to be transcribed and translated in order to understand them. Please pray for wisdom and grace to understand content correctly, despite cultural and linguistic differences.

FRIDAY 7th September

To ensure the quality of programmes, producers are encouraged to listen to them 'off-air' when they are broadcast so that they are aware of any technical or reception issues. It also helps them to reflect on the programme content. Please pray for them to make time to do this, and that they will be encouraged by what they hear.

SATURDAY 8th September

We thank God for the successful first month of broadcast of A Friend in the Wilderness, a new shortwave service into a closed country in the region. Please pray that the programmes will bring encouragement, comfort and transformation to listeners and their communities. Find out more about A Friend in the Wilderness.