Through online broadcasts and listener engagement, *Voice of Egypt speaks about everyday issues as well as matters of faith with urban young people from a range of religious and political backgrounds, promoting community cohesion and understanding.

SUNDAY 24th November

We give thanks for God’s continued provision for the ministry so the team can continue to impact its community. There are many dangers in sharing the good news of Jesus in Egypt, so please pray for God’s mighty protection over our team and listeners.

MONDAY 25th November

Please pray that the Lord gives the team His inspiration and creative ideas to produce new programmes for 2020 that will encourage our audience to engage afresh with the gospel.

TUESDAY 26th November

Please continue to pray for the radio station’s listeners; that God opens their hearts to contact the team, and that they will choose to follow Jesus.

WEDNESDAY 27th November

Please pray for the members of the radio station team that are also studying; please ask God to give them peace when they feel the pressure of their studies, and the ability to manage their time well and retain the knowledge of what they are learning.

THURSDAY 28th November

Please ask God to grant the team His grace and wisdom to fulfil the work and ministry that He is calling each of them to do in a country that continues to face many economic and spiritual challenges.

FRIDAY 29th November

Please pray for a female listener who is currently being followed up by a member of our team. May these discussions continue unhindered so she not only receives the truth about Jesus in her mind, but she also receives it in her heart.

SATURDAY 30th November

Please give thanks for all the listeners who choose to respond to the things they hear on our broadcasts and then make contact with the team to find out more. Please pray especially for one male listener who has contacted our team. May the Lord open his eyes to focus and receive the Truth, and be prepared to hear the good news about Jesus.