This week we are especially praying for believers in situations where following Jesus can have significant negative consequences. Some believers hide their faith; others are bolder despite the restrictions placed on them by their families, culture or authorities.

SUNDAY 23rd September

In parts of North East Africa, the church and believers are hidden for various reasons – in some places because of cultural traditions, in other places repression of belief comes from the authorities. Please pray for those who are not able to give full expression of their beliefs.

MONDAY 24th September

A partner ministry in North East Africa has had some of its projects restricted by local authorities, potentially damaging their ability to operate in the area. Please pray for God’s intervention in this situation, for damage to ministry to be minimised, and for encouragement and creativity for the local staff dealing with their situation.

TUESDAY 25th September

There is encouraging news from Central Asia of regional governments working together after years of suspicion and exclusion. Please pray that this leads to openness within states and new freedoms for believers.

WEDNESDAY 26th September

Give thanks for the internet which provides access to Christian materials. Pray for our project in Central Asia which provides audio materials online – new believers often get their early Christian teaching through this.

THURSDAY 27th September

Please pray for the Yemen Project team as they produce Reality Church programmes to support isolated believers and small groups. Pray that the programmes really would communicate what church is about (rather than just a building) to those listening.

FRIDAY 28th September

A religious leader in Afghanistan recently issued a challenge urging his followers to punish media outlets, arguing that the media allows too many Christian and Jewish ideas to be disseminated. Please pray for his challenge to be rejected not only in Afghanistan but in the surrounding countries where our partners work.

SATURDAY 29th September

Please pray for people in rural parts of Bangladesh who hear radio content about Jesus and choose to believe. In small communities this can lead to distrust and persecution. Pray that neighbours will see God’s goodness and trustworthiness in the lifestyles of the new believers, and that the believers will be accepted and protected from persecution.

SUNDAY 30th September

In some countries such as India and Egypt, there is an increasing atmosphere of hostility towards Christians although the official position claims acceptance. The hostility can be indirect and felt through an increase in bureaucratic overheads that disadvantage Christian groups.