Through radio programmes, CDs and literature, Gaweylon, our partner, addresses practical issues and contributes to the physical, social and spiritual wellbeing of the Tibetan diaspora communities in neighbouring countries.

SUNDAY 20th January

Join the Gaweylon team in giving thanks. They write: “We are grateful to God for his faithfulness to the ministry during these past months and for the many things that could be accomplished because of his grace. We know that we are surrounded and blessed by the faithful prayers and help of God’s people”

MONDAY 21st January

Over a two month period last year, the team wrote over 700 letters to listeners, keeping in touch, renewing contact and introducing the programmes to some new people. Pray for the response to those letters as people get in touch by phone, text, email and post. The team write: “Each response is precious to us.”

TUESDAY 22nd January

Give thanks for the team who faithfully prepare and record programmes for broadcast. Please pray for them as they work hard to make programmes interesting and attractive to the audience.

WEDNESDAY 23rd January

Please pray for the team as they work to add the latest modern and traditional songs to the music library. Songs and music play an important role in attracting and keeping listeners tuned in.

THURSDAY 24th January

A listener writes: “I listen to your programme regularly - it is good and has good advice for all of us. In my place many people are glad to listen to your programme… I also love to hear your programme. I want to give you many thanks for your programme for us.” Thank God for the listeners and pray that they would continue to listen regularly to the daily broadcasts.

FRIDAY 25th January

Give thanks for the trainees who are working with the project - one is helping with the follow up of listeners. Please pray for their work and all they contribute to the team.

SATURDAY 26th January

The team write: “Please pray that the programmes and follow up will bring hope and encouragement in the lives of our audience.”