This week in prayer

November 22 - 28

Feba India has a wide range of projects, reaching listeners throughout the country.  There is also diversity in the content of Feba India’s work, with some projects specialising in overtly Christian messages and others focusing on listeners’ social and practical needs.

See the requests below for prayer suggestions across the week.    

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SUNDAY 22nd November

Give thanks for the Hamari Beriyan projects, continuing to bring hope to vulnerable women in northern India. Praise God for the recent encouraging feedback from teachers in Uttar Pradesh, who have been listening to the Hamari Beriyan broadcasts with their students.

MONDAY 23rd November

Praise God for a very productive meeting with listeners in Rajasthan earlier in the year. Give thanks for the insights gained from this meeting into which issues are most important to women. Pray these insights will help shape Hamari Beriyan’s programming and make it even more effective.

TUESDAY 24th November

Pray for Feba India’s work in West Bengal, bringing hope to women trapped in the sex trade. This is crucial work but far from easy. Please pray for protection for the team and for tangible results from their efforts.

WEDNESDAY 25th November

Pray for the Hamari Beriyan and Udaan teams; as they work to produce effective and relevant programmes and counsel listeners with wisdom and sensitivity. 

THURSDAY 26th November

Pray for divine energy for Hamari Beriyan’s follow-up workers, who spend a great deal of time visiting the station’s female listeners, many of whom are very vulnerable.

FRIDAY 27th November

Give thanks that the Udaan team have recently translated some of their programmes from Hindi into Brij, a language widely spoken in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh. The team hope to distribute the programmes, using SD cards for mobile phones. Please pray this will be possible.

SATURDAY 28th November

Pray for God’s blessing on Feba India’s projects in the south of the country, sharing the good news through programmes for several different people groups, broadcast on medium wave.