Through their online broadcasts and listener engagement *Voice of Egypt speaks about everyday issues as well as matters of faith with urban young people from a range of religious and political backgrounds, promoting community cohesion and understanding.

SUNDAY 10th February

Please pray for a new live programme which has ‘maturity as a lifestyle’ as its main content focus. Pray that listeners will be helped through what they hear, and that the team will see a good response to what is shared.

MONDAY 11th February

Please pray for *Y, a listener who has attempted suicide twice. Pray that God would meet with him in a life transforming way, helping him to overcome his depression and to find a good way to live.

TUESDAY 12th February

Give thanks for the team, many of who are young and volunteers. In November Prayer Focus they asked for prayer for new people to join the team. Give thanks that they now have a new person; he asks for prayer for guidance in his life and ministry.

WEDNESDAY 13th February

Today, on World Radio Day with its theme of ‘Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace’, give thanks for the *Voice of Egypt team who are using audio media to promote community cohesion and provide a platform for listeners to share different points of view, encouraging mutual understanding. Pray that the team would be blessed, energized and inspired in their work.

THURSDAY 14th February

The team use social media to follow up online with listeners. Please pray for them as they communicate with people via private messages, for opportunities to lead them to know more about Christ.

FRIDAY 15th February

The team have had some problems with an old studio mixer. Please pray that they would be able to get it repaired or to get a new one.

SATURDAY 16th February

Please pray for *Q, an active and regular listener to *Voice of Egypt programmes. Pray that he would open his heart to the good news of Jesus Christ and be inspired to follow him.