This week in prayer

This Winter at Feba we’re saying goodbye to some members of staff and welcoming new ones. This week we are praying for those leaving and those arriving.

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SUNDAY 13th December

Please Pray. As Feba UK seeks to fill vacancies within the team, pray that the right people will come forward and that God will make it clear to us who these people are.

MONDAY 14th December

Please Pray for Stephen, (Feba’s Investment and Impact Analyst,) who left Feba in the Autumn. Praise God for bringing him to Feba for this season and ask that his wisdom and experience will continue to contribute to the Kingdom of God in his new role with Tearfund.

TUESDAY 15th December

Pray too for Helena (Partner Relationship Manager), who is also moving on from Feba. Ask that God will go with her and reveal His plans for this new chapter in her life.

WEDNESDAY 16th December

Please pray for the staff team as a whole. Most of the team have had to take on new responsibilities over the last few months as work previously done by others has been shared out. Please pray for quick learning of new tasks.

THURSDAY 17th December

Thank God for his faithfulness to Feba UK through what has been a challenging few months. Thank him for his provision and guidance, and that because of him, we can look to the future with hope.

FRIDAY 18th December

Pray for wisdom for Feba UK’s leaders as they make decisions about how to support existing partners and which other projects could and should be taken on with new partners.

SATURDAY 19th December

Give thanks for the coming Christmas season. Pray it will be a spiritually refreshing and inspiring time for the Feba team, as well as a chance for relaxation and fun.