A community transformed

The community of Pemba is being transformed through Radio Wimbe's advice on environmental and health-related issues, as well as through its faithful presentation of the gospel. There are a few challenges facing the team now, but many things to be thankful for too.

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SUNDAY 20th December

Give thanks that Radio Wimbe’s new studio is up and running. Pray this will give the team a new sense of stability and enable them to reach out to their community with renewed focus.

MONDAY 21st December

Praise God for the safe and helpful visit to Pemba by Bob (Chief Executive) and Stephanie (Partnerships Team Director), and for the opportunity for them to experience first-hand the impact Radio Wimbe is having.

TUESDAY 22nd December

Following Bob and Stephanie’s visit, pray they will gain new wisdom and discernment to help address some of the challenges over land and governance which could hamper Radio Wimbe’s work. 

WEDNESDAY 23rd December

Please pray for Pemba as the rainy season approaches. In the past, this time of year has brought severe floods to the community. Pray this will not be the case this year, through God’s grace and Radio Wimbe’s hard work around the area of flood prevention.

THURSDAY 24th December

Give thanks for Narciso, Radio Wimbe’s team leader. Pray God will enable him to lead with authority and sensitivity.

FRIDAY 25th December

Today pray that the people of Pemba will gain a new understanding of Jesus as ‘God with us’, through Radio Wimbe’s work. Happy Christmas!

SATURDAY 26th December

Pray that God will strengthen Radio Wimbe’s working relationships with partner organisations, so that, through these partnerships, more people will find life in all its fullness.