Gaweylon broadcasts to Tibetan diaspora communities in India, Nepal and Bhutan, combining Christian content with input on social and health issues, with an authentically Tibetan flavour.

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SUNDAY 26th June

Pray that the message of good news in Gaweylon’s broadcasts will encourage listeners throughout the region and help to bring a positive change in communities and individual lives.

MONDAY 27th June

The Gaweylon team have received training on programming. The team now say: “We have ability to make new changes in our programme, like daily incidents in our society and also making programmes in drama or in dialogue form.”

Give thanks that they have learned these additional skills.

TUESDAY 28th June

Pray that Gaweylon’s input on social issues will continue to be relevant and challenging to the station’s listeners. 


Gaweylon’s programming includes Bible teaching and worship songs in authentic Tibetan formats. Please pray that these elements will open listeners’ hearts to the Christian message.

THURSDAY 30th June

The station regularly gets encouraging feedback, even from listeners from other faith groups.

Give thanks to God for this and pray for the programmes to continue to be well received. 

FRIDAY 1st July

Gaweylon’s studio is at the heart of a Tibetan diaspora community in northern India, and is a useful venue for meeting local people.

Pray that the team will be able to continue building relationships with listeners in this way.


Pray in particular for young Tibetans who listen to Gaweylon; that they will find a sense of identity, belonging and peace in knowing Jesus.