God is graciously at work preparing hearts, and giving faith, hope, and love to those who earnestly seek Him!

Encouragingly, our partner broadcasters overseas have reported significant increases in their engagement with listeners.

Feba UK is part of FEBC International. Together, the good news is being shared in over 100 languages across more than 50 countries. Yet it is not all about the large numbers: by God’s grace, the gospel message transforms individual lives, and all are precious to Him. Our broadcasting partners have all been affected by Covid-19, in both positive and negative ways, please pray with us that many are inspired to follow Jesus Christ. 

Over these summer months please do join with the 1000's of Feba UK prayer supporters in prayer for those sharing and hearing the Good News in across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Download the FEBC Covid prayer guide here. 

Let us trust in God’s promise to be in our midst as we seek Him together in prayer, confident that the gospel knows no lockdown!