You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.

Isaiah 26:3

A listener to *Iraq FM called the station asking for prayer, as he felt some evil or witchcraft was being cast on him and his family. After the team prayed for him, he called back, saying “I feel peace. God has answered your prayers.”

All over the world people turn on the radio, maybe in the small hours, to hear a friendly voice and find some comfort. Some people in times of need and loneliness search up and down the radio band, stumbling on to our partners’ programmes by accident. As they listen they not only hear programmes in their language and culture, they find help and information, with people willing to talk with them about their situation and able to give advice and counsel. Follow-up workers pray with them and for them, sharing their faith and leading others to Christ.

Firoz at Feba India started out in his church’s radio ministry doing follow-up work and says of the experience: “I was directly engaged with listeners of the programme and was giving them advice and counselling on their spiritual and social needs. And during that period I felt how much people are in need and in search of peace.”

Dear Father, thank you for the deep peace we find as we trust in you. Thank you for programme presenters and follow-up workers who help listeners find you and apply your teachings to their lives. Amen.

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