Across Africa, Asia, the Middle East our mission partners are using radio and audio media to inspire people to follow Jesus. 

Right now, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to take its toll, many in our families and communities are struggling with hopelessness, fear, and uncertainty. God is calling us to be Messengers of Hope to them. As followers of Jesus we know where to find hope; through His good news we find joy when we are suffering, peace when we are grieving, and forgiveness when we are hurting.

Hasan's story gives us an example of how to be a messenger of hope. 

When searching for his favourite radio programme, Hasan stumbled upon Feba partner’s broadcast on addiction. At the time he was a heavy user of khat, a popular drug across North East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. This chance encounter sparked a series of events that led Hasan to encounter Jesus for the first time.

Hasan’s video story is a beautiful and inspiring example of how even those in the most hostile and fragile situations can be messengers of hope; you can be too!

We have made a special short video story (less than 2 minutes long) that shares how Feba supporters' generosity and prayers are helping create Messengers of Hope. You might like to show this video at a service or other church meeting, or post a link on social media

For churches who would like to explore Hasan's story through a Sunday service, or maybe even a midweek small group meeting, we have created a free service outline - just click here to download a copy. 

Please would you consider making an individual donation to Feba - or perhaps your church might like to send a special gift from their mission budget?

By supporting Feba’s partners, you will help enable thousands of homes, shops and cafes all over the world to be filled with messages of God’s love, hope and peace this Christmas season.

The good news of Jesus is hope for the hopeless; it is joy for those who are suffering; it is peace for those who are grieving, and it is forgiveness for those who are hurting. So, let us together be messengers of hope!

Thank you for partnering with Feba!