Whilst the vaccination programme in the UK is a source of comfort for most of us and as we eagerly anticipate the return to a greater sense of 'normal' life, the picture elsewhere is certainly still fairly bleak. There have been harrowing reports in the mainstream news about the dramatic increase in cases and deaths in India over recent days, including the shortage of essential oxygen supplies at hospitals.

Feba India's National Director, Pastor Benjamin, has today shared this urgent message, which he has kindly agreed can be shared with supporters to encourage us all to pray:

‘Thank you for praying for us. The picture is very, very bad. People are dying. There are long queues of ambulances waiting with bodies to be cremated. There is no space even in the cremation ground or the cemetery. There are no beds for COVID patients, and even the normal patients with other ailments are not getting beds and oxygen. We have lost a lot of pastors and missionaries. It is so scary to even open the WhatsApp: every day a minimum of 20 prayer requests and news of at least three death fills our WhatsApp. In Bangalore, the number is increasing each day. My wife and I were under quarantine, and by God's grace we are doing well. Kenneth [who oversees the work in North India] and his family were also affected by COVID. 

India certainly needs prayer. There are allegations that politicians have been ‘buying votes’ by promising free vaccination, making money, their family and friends vaccinated, leaving the poor and middle class to suffer. The economy is very bad. There is fear gripping people of all age groups. Initially it was people above 65-80 who were dying, but now the age bracket is between 35-55. Don't know what to pray, how to help people.

We have closed the office and are working from home. The struggle we have is to know what programmes can we best produce for such a hurting world? I think every family has gone thru death. 

Our listenership has increased though! We are doing many programs through social media and it has opened new avenues to reach people.

Please pray:

  1. Hospitals will be geared to meet the need.
  2. Pray for protection of our people.
  3. Receptivity to listen to words of comfort at a time like this.
  4. Wisdom for my team members to prepare programmes that are relevant.
  5. Pray that the numbers sick and dying will drastically come down.
  6. That the politicians will be sensitive and value people and not look at them as votes to mobilize.

Thank you so much for praying for us. We need it more these days.



Please do feel free to share this message with others as you see fit. Please do pray with us for the health and protection of the Feba India team and for their families, as well as for wisdom and integrity for political leaders and those responsible for the health system, for inspiration and strength for church leaders, and for the population at large - that people might know the peace and comfort that is found uniquely in Christ. Please pray that Feba India's gospel ministry in these difficult days would be particularly impactful.

Thank you.

Published Monday 26th April 2021

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