Radio talks with the individual and talks with the heart of people.

Firoz, Programme Manager, Feba India

Firoz has worked with Feba India for 19 years and knows first-hand how radio:

  • can bring news and information - especially to people living in remote areas;
  • has potential for sharing about Jesus, bringing Christian teaching and worship - especially to listeners in places where expressions of faith are oppressed;
  • provides opportunity to address needs and concerns – especially to those living with health, relationship and social issues.

Listen to what Firoz himself has to say: 

People wonder if a radio programme reaches people. Yes, it is actually reaching to the communities. Radio will never die and it will effectively deliver life-changing information because it is accessible everywhere, always and everybody can afford it.

Feba UK supports projects in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, working in partnership with individuals, communities and organisations to use radio and audio media to help bring lasting transformation to people’s lives, ministering to the whole person and inspiring them to follow Jesus.

We want to provide our partners with as much funding, prayer support and encouragement as possible. Please make a donation to this impactful and life-changing ministry this Advent time.

Thank you.

Our Advent Reflections - to be published over the four Sundays of Advent - consider how radio inspires hope (2 Dec), love (9 Dec), joy (16 Dec) and peace (23 Dec) in listeners.

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