‘this radio is the radio we trust...’ 

Today, Yemen has endured two years of conflict with no end in sight. The country is in crisis with internally displaced people and shortages of food, fuel and medical supplies. In April, the UNHCR reported 18.8 million people in need and 1,991,340 internally displaced people.[1]

In the midst of crisis people are searching for hope and are open to new things. With your support, the Yemen Project broadcasts are able to help people consider social and spiritual change in their lives.

Just £30 could pay for airtime for a 12 minute radio feature.

The anonymity which radio provides is important in sharing faith with those of the majority religion, as well as teaching new and isolated believers.  Our partner says radio is key to supporting listeners, helping them grow in faith in a difficult context:

There are many brothers and sisters - they feel in fear, scared, because the society is very tough and hard...so we encourage them through the radio programmes…

Short wave radio broadcasts can be received thousands of miles from the transmitter, so their large range is ideally suited to speak to people in Yemen, a large country with a widely dispersed population.  

Feba contributes more than £100,000 every year to support this radio project in Yemen.  Your support is vital in covering the costs of short wave airtime as well as programme production costs.  

Please give and pray for the Yemen Project broadcasts and for their listeners.

Give today to help listeners in Yemen.

If we raise more funds than are needed to support our partners in Yemen, your gift will be spent where the need is greatest.

[1] Yemen: UNHCR Operational Update, 1 - 14 April 2017 Accessed 5/5/17