“I am free. Praise God for what He is doing!” A listener in NE Africa

Read how Feba's partners in some very difficult and hard-to-reach places are communicating God's kindness, and how the good news of Jesus Christ is touching listeners' lives.

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NE Africa - Friend in a Wilderness

One of our partners in Northeast Africa, Friend in a Wilderness, has been showing God's kindness by helping their listeners overcome trauma. Part of this gospel-focused approach to healing is forgiving people, as God forgives us. 

One listener's life has been transformed by what he learned and practised. 

“Years ago, my father left our family to marry another woman. Our mother  suffered terribly, begging on the streets to keep us alive. Everyone looked down on us. I hated him and wanted to kill him. We had not seen him for twenty two years. I was taught that I had to forgive him, but I asked myself, ‘How can I forgive such a cruel person?’ After a week of internal struggle, I prayed, phoned him and forgave him. We met and ate together, and now I am healed - I am free. Praise God for what He is doing!”

Mozambique - Radio Wimbe

God’s word says, ‘… with everlasting kindness I will have compassion for you.’ (Isaiah 54:8 NIV). The notion of compassion and love which goes on forever is difficult for humans to grasp, but it is a counter-cultural and radical promise at the heart of Jesus’ gospel message.Yet this is what the team at Radio Wimbe are teaching their local communities, through their radio broadcasts and the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) groups. The impact of their work and the gospel is that people are turning towards God and his ways. One community leader, who is still a practising Muslim, told the team that he has noticed that the village is much more peaceful since the [DBS] group began. Praise God!


The FEBC Ukraine team are increasing lifeline of godly kindness and counselling, providing vital support to people who are experiencing fear and loss as a result of the war with Russia. In addition to the radio broadcasts, the follow-up team supports those in great need. People struggling with fear, hunger, poverty, depression and stress are being told the good news of Jesus. People like Petro* are separated from their loved ones and unable to reach them on the phone. To his horror, he found out that his brother, father and girlfriend had all been killed. In desperation, he rang the FEBC Ukraine helpline. “I haven’t slept since I heard. I even tried cutting my wrists. I’m all alone,” he said. The counsellor listened and shared the gospel with Petro. After a long talk, he said, “It’s like I can feel the ground under my feet again.” He was taught how to pray, which amazed him. “Using my own words?” he asked. “I am going to try praying to God myself. Thank you so much for helping me!” 

“I am going to try praying to God myself. Thank you so much for helping me!”

Feba Pakistan - Seeing the unseen

Despite new laws preventing discrimination, persons with disabilities are often marginalised in Pakistan; they face exclusion and neglect and are unable to participate fully in society. Our partners at Feba Pakistan show compassion to all people through their programming. The radio station reaches out to its listeners sensitively and appropriately. What’s more, this team ministers in a culture that is resistant to the good news of Jesus. Pakistan is number seven on Open Doors’ ‘World Watch List’ of countries where Christians face persecution. Feba

Pakistan's FM XP project shows kindness to all and is bearing fruit. A young blind, female listener recently got in touch and had this to say, “I am mostly neglected by friends and family. My soul hurts deeply and I lost my hope. One day, I heard the programme ‘Passion for Youth’ and I learned that we can turn our sorrow into joy by trusting God."


Please give. Your gifts help transform listeners' lives.

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*Name changed for security reasons.