Inform and Educate, Save Lives, Unite Communities and Share God’s Love

Feba enables broadcasts that can be heard by millions of people, including some of the world's poorest and most remote communities. Working with local partners overseas, we know that radio can bring life-giving media and transformative change to people across the world. Find out more about the power of radio below:

Making a difference with radio

Community-centred radio

is a life-saving tool for many communities such as remote rural villages.  Crucial information is broadcast about health, weather and other important local issues and isolated people have a voice, a platform and a way of communicating throughout the community.

After listening to your programme we were convinced to build a community latrine, to keep our water from pollution.

Kelile, North East Africa

Radio in an emergency situation

is set up rapidly to provide critical and practical information to respond well in situations such as flood, earthquake, war or health-related crises.

Short wave radio

is vital to reach beyond boundaries into countries where life as a Christian is very difficult.  Regular broadcasts and programmes encourage and teach people, many of them listening in secret because of persecution.

These are just some of the ways that radio can be a vehicle for change in people's lives.  

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