Bogdan*, a Ukrainian soldier, had never prayed or opened a Bible... but after praying with a counsellor, he placed his faith in Jesus!

Read how Feba's partners in some very challenging places are sharing the gospel, and how Jesus is transforming listeners' lives.

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A young soldier, Bogdan*, was in training a long way from home and having relationship problems. He called FEBC Ukraine's counselling team and shared his fears. After listening, they shared some biblical relationship advice. When the counsellor suggested they pray together, Bogdan agreed. Before this, he had never prayed or opened a Bible. Bogdan was so moved after the counsellor prayed, that he wanted to pray as well. He then placed his faith in Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. “This was amazing! I feel so much peace now. Thank you for listening to me and helping me make this decision!”.

This was amazing! I feel so much peace now. Thank you for listening to me and helping me make this decision!


After an Iraqi refugee, believed to be from a Christian area in northern Iraq, set fire to a copy of the Qur'an outside the Swedish Parliament in June, the team at Iraq FM has been severely impacted by a wave of negative publicity. In response, the team posted a message on Facebook condemning this act of disrespect: they made it clear this is not something they either agreed with or would encourage. Many listeners responded by saying they were waiting for Iraq FM’s response before listening to the radio station again. They also thanked them for the stance they have taken.  


Security has worsened significantly in central and northern Mali since it was announced that UN forces would be withdrawing later this year. The team at Radio T in Timbuktu is especially vulnerable, as the city has been blockaded by armed jihadists. Many roads are now impassable, and it is almost impossible for teams from Radio T to visit and encourage listeners in both towns and rural areas. Please pray for the safety of the team and their listeners - and that the team can still move around to meet listeners in person in this troubled land. 

South Asia

Praise God that 46 baptisms took place recently at a listeners’ conference hosted by one of Feba’s partners in a South Asian country. Each person who came forward for baptism was from the country’s majority faith. This is the largest group that this partner has ever seen baptised within their ministry!

Northeast Africa

Believers from the ‘Sparrow' people group are currently experiencing extreme persecution. Since early September, many have been forced to flee their homes and escape to other areas. Over 100 houses have been burnt and demolished, displacing around 2,200 people. A local church compound is housing around 2,000 people while the production facility run by Feba's partner is providing refuge for a further 130 people. The broadcasting team has helped to foster over 30 congregations among the 'Sparrow' people group, who now meet regularly for worship and Bible study. Tragically, it is some of these congregations that are experiencing the most intense persecution.


Please give. Your gifts help transform listeners' lives.

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*Name changed for security reasons.