Please donate now to enable Feba partner, Afno FM, to continue to create new and relevant radio
programmes for school-aged children and local communities in the weeks ahead.

Like many children here in the UK, the pandemic has interrupted the education of thousands of Nepali children - many of whom do not have access to the internet or computers; they often only have access to radio, so for them listening to the radio is the only way to continue their education.

Feba’s ministry partners are supporting the education of many children. They can listen to their lessons and the accompanying evangelistic programmes on the radio. Just like here in the UK during lockdown, homeschooling is often a family affair, so as parents help children with their schoolwork, they also get to listen to the good news of Jesus on the radio.

*Maya is one child tuning into lessons with Feba partner, Anfo FM:

Throughout this pandemic, we have seen an increase in people turning to our radio ministry partners, when asking the big questions of life anew.

“When I first learnt that I couldn’t go to school anymore because of the coronavirus I was really sad”, said Maya “I don’t want to miss out on school. With Afno FM, I now tune into school lessons and do my work at home.”

At a time when many in Nepal are struggling with bereavement, loss of income and loneliness, our partners are reaching them daily with essential health care information. They are also offering practical advice on daily issues and simple hope-filled messages from God’s word.

" Through all our broadcasts, we share simple gospel messages which share the good news of Jesus. The majority of those we serve do not have access to computers. During this pandemic, radio is an affordable way for many children to continue their education, and also for those who live in remote areas far away from their nearest school". Vijay, manager of Afno FM.Will you please help our partners to share messages of God's hope and support children like Maya by giving to Feba today?

Together, we can ensure that children in all areas of Nepal do not fall behind with their education and that everyone has a chance to hear life-saving messages of health and new hope in Christ.

Please donate now to enable Feba's partner, Afno FM, to continue to create new and relevant radio
programmes for school-age children and local communities in the weeks ahead.

* For the sake of security, some of the real names of people have been changed or omitted.

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