For over 40 years, thanks to the faithful prayers and donations from supporters, Feba UK has enabled life-changing radio programmes to be broadcast across North East Africa. 

We urgently need your continued support to sustain this ministry.

Your donation will help bring messages of life and hope to the various people groups in this region, by maintaining and developing the transmission of regular, consistent shortwave broadcasts in listeners’ heart languages.  Listeners can tune in to find information and support for their practical, social and emotional needs. 

Your giving will also support broadcasts about Jesus and how to follow him. In countries where the government has placed restrictions on overtly religious content, subjects are always discussed from a Christian worldview.

Because of your radio programmes and correspondence course, our spiritual life is
changing and we are growing in faith.

Feba UK is committed to supporting ongoing ministry to North East Africa, pledging in excess of £70,000 this financial year.

Your donation is vital to covering local staff costs, programme production, travel and airtime as well as plans to launch a new shortwave broadcast service into a closed country in the region.

Please donate now to provide life-giving media that will not only inform and educate listeners but also encourage and support the church under pressure.