Advent Reflection, 3rd December - 1st Sunday of Advent

Hope is a truly transforming quality for a human being. In many parts of the world, people live in the desperation of poverty and oppression with no change in their circumstances in sight. Then ‘light’ comes; an unexpected opportunity, new information or an act of compassion; hope that tomorrow will be better.

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.

Isaiah 9:2

What a wonderful truth this Advent time that Christ brings hope. The long awaited arrival of a Saviour, a way opening up for a personal relationship with God based on a foretold act of compassion – the crucifixion.

In North India, our partner’s broadcasts help bring hope to women facing limited life choices through lack of education and employment opportunities, often resulting in early marriages and poverty. Through the radio programmes they are informed about issues relevant to them and find help and encouragement.

Read more on the Women's Initiative project in North India: 

Sharing God's love through radio.

Reporting on the impact that their broadcasts have made, our partners in North India described the change that just one listener has made to her local community:

“As a result of listening to our programmes, [a listener] was motivated to do something about child marriage happening in [her] area. She went ahead and organised a group in that particular village which is committed to encourage villagers to send their children to school. She reports that early child marriage in the village has drastically dropped due to this initiative.”

Isaiah 9:2

Advent Week 1 prayer: HOPE

Dear Lord,

Thank you for coming into this dark world, bringing light and hope to people.

Please continue to shine your light into people’s hearts and lives.


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