Reaching street-living children with radio

Mungongo ya Mwana, (The Voice of a Child) is a project with our partner the Children’s Radio Foundation, and it teaches radio skills to street-living children and young people in Kinshasa, DRC, while allowing them to address issues that matter to them and their peers.

Mungongo ya Mwana radio shows have changed so many people..[youth reporters are]..producing shows on behalf of our fellow children living on the street, and talking to everyone.

Often facing stigma, children and young people are enabled to speak about their treatment and experiences through the project, helping change community attitudes towards them. The radio programmes are currently broadcast in a large market and on an FM station in Kinshasa and we are in conversation with a Christian FM station which is considering carrying the programmes too.

"Mungongo ya Mwana radio shows have changed so many people. Women especially are very happy to see us street children who were not taken seriously and never acknowledged, producing shows on behalf of our fellow children living on the street, and talking to everyone. This has taught them a lot and they have changed their attitude towards us."

(Samuel, youth reporter)

Witchcraft accusations are a common reason for children to be abandoned on the streets. The belief in witchcraft exists at every level of society and the supernatural is a common theme in Nigerian-produced films which are very popular across Africa.

Feba is also helping to produce a radio drama to highlight sensitively the impact of witchcraft accusations on children, using the stories of street-living children as a basis, to educate parents and the wider community. This will enhance the impact that the radio programmes are already having, as a member of a listening group says: “Thanks to these shows in our local language, we are able to understand easily the issues that these kids encounter in the streets together with the many reasons that force them to leave their families.”

Please pray …

  • Many children are living on the street as a result of witchcraft accusations. They face a widespread stigma and are either ignored or actively abused. Pray for the team and church leaders who are working to challenge this situation.
  • Please pray especially for street-living girls who are vulnerable and under threat of sexual violence. Please pray for their protection and for healing of the traumas they have experienced.
  • Pray for the radio programmes which are aired in a large market and broadcast on an FM station. Pray that they would help change the community’s attitude to street-living children.

There is a great short video on YouTube which tells the story of Samuel who is a Children's Radio Foundation and Feba youth reporter, who despite living in a shelter and having no home or family has managed to find his voice through radio. It was made by Makhulu Productions as a gift to our partner Children's Radio Foundation.


11th April 2017