For the past few months Iraq FM's team have been journeying with Amar* as he explores the Bible and his relationship with Jesus. Iraq FM's* daily broadcasts serve as a bridge that connects the Scriptures to seven million people in central Iraq, many of whom have experienced suffering, heartbreak and devastation. They ask many questions about Jesus and the Bible. They share their concerns and fears and invite the team to pray for them. 

Many Iraqi men and women start their journeys of spiritual transformation by listening to one of our radio programmes.

I love your radio station because you are different. You always show love and humanity. Actually, I want to become a Christian. Please help me.

Every day the radio station receives more than 100 phone calls in response to topics raised in programmes. Ministering to listeners not only through broadcasts but also with follow-up calls, community outreach activities, texts and emails.

Now is the time to build on this good work, to reach even more individuals and communities with the gospel message of love, forgiveness and reconciliation. We want to set up a radio transmitter in another major city in south Iraq.

Will you please share this ministry with your church? We've created some resources to help. 

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