We asked our listeners in North East Africa to tell us about the Feba radio programmes they've tuned into.

The encouraging and inspiring responses demonstrate that radio is a fantastic tool for making God's Word accessible and easily available; bringing life-giving and life transforming messages over the airwaves. 

Broadcasts can reach listeners in remote areas, get to places where believers are persecuted, and be heard in closed countries where mission activity or Christian worship are restricted. 

Every night I hear the word of God through your radio programme

Tune in

Listener feedback is important to us and we wanted to share some of the responses we've had in our short video:

Share the gift of radio for lasting transformation

You too can help. 

We've pledged £70,000 to continue this vital work, and need your support both in raising these funds and in prayer.  Feba's appeal across Lent is a commitment to this ministry and to those in North East Africa who are Growing in Faith.  

Your donations are going to bring messages of hope, life and the love of Christ to this region using radio.   

Find out more: Growing in Faith Lent Appeal