Give urgent support to flood survivors with emergency radio broadcasts. 

The worst monsoon rains in years have affected millions of people in South Asia with severe flooding.  

Hundreds have been killed, tens of thousands have had their homes and belongings washed away, and millions more could now face water-borne diseases due to contaminated floodwaters.

Our partners are already responding to the information needs of flood survivors, with emergency broadcasts delivering critical information on cholera prevention, where to find help, medical advice and public service announcements providing helpline numbers. 

The "Sorrow of Bihar"

Bihar is one of the worst flood hit states in India, where two major rivers the Koshi and Ganges merge.  Known as "The Sorrow of Bihar" the Koshi river has previously burst its banks with devastating floods, but this year's monsoon rains have contributed to the worst flooding in decades.    

We need your support to widen our response and target listeners worst hit by the floods by buying in airtime on radio stations closest to the most severely hit areas.

Please donate now to our South Asia Floods Emergency Appeal. Your help could give flood survivors critical information and support through disaster response radio programmes.