As lock-down restrictions are being eased here in the UK, this is a time when many of us feel prompted to give thanks for freedom that we once took for granted and signs of at least a partial return to ‘normality’. Yet because of the coronavirus pandemic, we all now know what it means to be living in lockdown and isolation.

Yet this is a reality for many Christians, especially for new followers of Jesus, living in countries and local communities that are hostile to the gospel. Living out their Christian faith in isolation, with no church to go to, no community every day - with no end in sight. 

*Nagi is one of these new followers of Jesus:

Nagi was a devout Muslim for many years. He observed the five obligatory prayers each day and often went to the mosque to pray between midnight and dawn. During one of these pre-dawn prayers, Nagi encountered Christ but he was not ready then to follow Him.

After a long prayer, I laid my head on the carpet to rest and as I was drifting off, Christ spoke to me. I was startled awake, but I also heard another voice telling me, ‘Don’t think about Christ. You’re on the right path.’ At that point in my life, I had money and was comfortable, but I was far from God.

Nagi continued his life as a Muslim for ten more years until one day he gave his life to Jesus after engaging with an online evangelistic outreach provided by one of Feba’s partners. He preserved, he did not give up on his faith. Thanks to the past generosity of supporters like you, our radio partner in Nagi’s region was able to purchase technology tools that enable them to disciple new Christians and to connect them with other isolated believers in their area.

The wonderful news is that, right now the harvest in the mission field is plentiful, during the coronavirus pandemic, Feba’s partner broadcasters in the Arabian Peninsula and elsewhere are experiencing record levels of listenership and online follow up conversations. This means that, thousands more people like Nagi are hearing the Good News for the first time and many are coming to faith in Christ.

Will you help our partners to share messages of God's hope and support Christians in isolation by giving to Feba today?

These new Christians need your help to grow strong in their faith and to persevere in isolation until they can connect with new believers. Will you join in with our partner broadcasters, who are labouring in the mission field, and help reap a harvest for God’s Kingdom? 

Please donate now to support new followers of Jesus living in isolation. Your generosity and prayers can ensure that our mission minded partners can continue to be beacons of God’s love for those who are fearful or living in isolation. 

* For the sake of security, some of the real names of people, projects or programmes have been changed or omitted.