Hope, love, joy and peace – all things we desperately need in the world. These themes of the Advent season help us remember how God showed His love to us in Jesus. 

Feba, working with local partners, seeks to demonstrate and proclaim this message through a range of projects meeting the needs of individuals and communities living in a wide variety of situations.

Please make a donation so that our partners can continue their transformative broadcasts.

How your donation helps

  • £50 could pay for a child living or working in the streets of Kinshasa, DRC to train as a youth reporter 

  • £75 could buy 15 minutes of airtime for a [sensitive] language group in the Horn of Africa

  • £100 could cover the cost of recording one episode of Reality Church for broadcast in Yemen

  • £250 could help women in West Bengal, covering the costs of the Women's Initiative for a week   

Your gift can grow the use of radio in bringing hope, love, joy and peace to listeners across the world.
Donations will be used where the need is greatest.

Make a difference to lives now. Make a donation. 


Give in prayer  

We have weekly devotionals for you designed for thought and reflection during Advent.  

As we wait and prepare for Christ, this time is also an opportunity to remember our listeners and partners in prayer.  Themed around hope, love, joy and peace join us in prayer weekly across the Advent season:

27th November, 1st Sunday of Advent: HOPE

4th December, 2nd Sunday of Advent: LOVE

11th December, 3rd Sunday of Advent: JOY

18th December, 4th Sunday of Advent: PEACE